Our Services

Our Services


Grizzly Security Armored Express provides a multitude of services within the private security landscape for a wide range of customers. Our clients include, but are not limited to, financial institutions, medical institutions, private businesses, organizations, and individuals.

No matter the situation we are able to supply our clients with uniformed, licensed, trained, and experienced security officers who will work around the clock to ensure our clients' personnel, property and information are safe. We provide standing guard services, alarm/security systems, ATMs, courier services, and much more.

Whatever the situation, we can provide the exact combination of personell and skills to ensure our customers' safety and security.

Armored Services

We provide secure cash transport between businesses, financial institutions, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Courier Services

We provide secure postal and inter-branch mail services for businesses and Financial Institutions.

Security Services

We provided on-premise security to ensure the safety and security of our customer’s property and personnel.


Grizzly Security ShredEx utilizes innovative on-site shredding solutions to ensure your sensitive information stays secure.

ATM Sales & Services

We provide ATM sales and processing for individual businesses, banks, credit unions.

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