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Grizzly Security Armored Express has provided our customers with quality service custom tailored to their needs for over 40 years. This is made possible by providing the variety of services expected from a national security company, while maintaining the personal touch and relationships of a local business.

We are proud of our Montana roots and believe in giving back to our community by hiring locally.

All our officers are vetted with a thorough background check and are put through hours of rigorous training to meet Montana’s stringent state requirements. Every officer is licensed by the Montana Board of Private Security.

Grizzly Security Armored Express is fully bonded and insured and provides a multitude of services within the private security landscape to a wide range of customers. Our clients include, but are not limited to, financial institutions, medical institutions, private businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Our focus on integrity and customer service has allowed us to grow into the professional standard for all private security and armored transport services in the State of Montana. We do this by maintaining meticulous training standards and by staying up-to-date on the laws and practices of private security.

Armored Services

We provide secure cash transport between businesses, financial institutions, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Security Services

We provided on-premise security to ensure the safety and security of our customer’s property and personnel.

ATM Sales & Services

We provide ATM sales and processing for individual businesses, banks, credit unions.

Courier Services

We provide secure postal and inter-branch mail services for businesses and Financial Institutions.


Grizzly Security ShredEx utilizes innovative on-site shredding solutions to ensure your sensitive information stays secure.

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